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Our mission is to help our gymnasts reach their full potential in a safe, honest, and encouraging environment.

Every gymnast has their own journey. Some gymnasts move through the levels very quickly and then plateau for a little while. Others start slow, and then move through the levels quickly when they get older. The one thing that is consistent in every gymnast’s journey is that they all get what they put in. Our staff goes through a lot of education and training with us before they are allowed to take a class on by themselves.

Many parents are always in the quest for what is best for their kids. The common question is “Where is the best place to take my kid?” or “What program is the best?” The reality is it depends… There are many factors that you need to consider when you are looking for a gym.


What is the philosophy of that gym, and does it line up with how you want to raise your child?

What is the goal for your child in doing gymnastics?

How much time can you commit to?

Does your child like structure?

Will this be your child’s only commitment, or are they involved in other activities?

The truth is as parents, we are all doing the best that we can, and there is no perfect program. You need to find out the gyms philosophy and experience applying that philosophy. You want to make sure that they did not just read it out of a book.

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