Health and Safety Protocol

Entry Into The Facility:

A table will be set up inside our front entrance for parents to check-in their child. Both parents and students are required to wear face masks upon entering the facility. Before entering the facility, participants will line up outside the facility and maintain social distancing. Parents will be permitted into the viewing area, however we ask that you be aware of others viewing and encourage parents to wait for their student outside of our facility.

Wellness Check:

All parents are required to check their child’s temperature and monitor for possible symptoms before they leave home each day. If you forget to take your child’s temperature, infrared contactless thermometers will be available at the front desk for you to take your child’s temperature. All students will partake in a daily wellness check before entering the facility.

Recreational Students:

Students must bring their own water bottle to their class. We have hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility for student use. We have marked cubbies that are cleaned after each use for students to place their belongings. Please keep your students’ belongings to a minimum.

Illness Policy:

To keep our students and employees safe and healthy, we ask that you keep your child home if they exhibit any symptoms of illness and they are not feeling “well”. If you are ill, or someone in your family is ill, please stay home. An isolation space will be established for any child or staff member that is not feeling well and is waiting to be picked up.


We ask that you use the bathroom and wash your hands before coming to our facility. A staff member will monitor restroom access for safe social distancing. Please wait on markers placed outside of the restrooms. Restrooms will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Hand Sanitization:

All students will be prompted to use hand sanitizer when entering the facility. We also have sanitation stations throughout the gym.

Cleaning Of Our Equipment:

Disinfectant will be used on all hard surfaces and high touch surfaces. Foam pits will not be used for camp and recreational classes. Minimal spotting will occur for the safety of each student. Staff is required to sanitize all contact surfaces and equipment before and after each group. UV light sanitation wands are used throughout the day to sanitize our larger and more sensitive equipment.

Staff Requirements:

Staff will be required to wash hands or sanitize before and after each group. Masks will be worn by all staff members at all times. All staff working must attend a thorough training session about our protocol before returning to work. All staff members will adhere to mandatory self-health checks and a temperature check upon entering the facility. Should they feel any symptoms, they will be required to stay home.

Facility Ratios:

Per the county Public Health Department orders, we will not exceed 12 participants in one group. Preschool and Kinder classes will have smaller class sizes. Groups will not be mixing with each other and coaches will remain with a stable group of students. Students will also be required to stay at a minimum of 6-foot distance from one another at all times. To assist with social distancing, we markers on the floor and different spaces for different classes.

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